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japanese short story collections:

On a Slow Boat to China - 1983

A Poor Aunt Story (also from the New Yorker magazine)
A Tragedy at New York Colliery
Kangaroo Communique
The Last Lawn on the Afternoon
Her little dog in earth
Green Street in Sidney

Fine Day for Kangarooing - 1983



A Fine Day for Kangarooing
On seeing the 100% Perfect Girl one Beautiful April Morning
The Vampire Cabbie
Her Town, Her Sheep
The Sea Lion Festival
The Girl from Ipanema, 1963/1982
A Window or "Do you like Burt Bacarack?"
32 Year Old Daytipper
A Coastline in May
Collasped Kingdom
Rise and Fall of Tongari-yaki 
My Poverty like Cheese Cake
Southbay Strut
Library Mystery

Firefly, Barn Burning and other stories - 1984


Blind Willow and Sleeping Woman 
(also published in Harper's Magazine June 2002 issue)
Three German Fantasies
1. Pornography vis-a-vis a museum-in-winter
2. The Herman Goering Strongfold, 1983
3. Herr W's Midair Garden
Barn Burning (in Elephant Vanishes)
The Dancing Dwarf (in Elephant Vanishes)

Carrousel's Dead-Heat - 1985



Prologue, Carrousels' Dead-Heat
A Man in a Taxi
Pool Side
For the Late Queen
Vomiting, 1979
Take Shelter from Rain
Baseball Stadium
Hunting Knife


The Second Bakery Attack - 1986


The Second Bakery Attack
The Elephant Vanishes
Family Affair
The Twins and the Sunken Continent
The Fall of the Roman Empire, The 1881 Indian Uprising, Hitler's Invasion of Poland, and the Realm of Raging Winds
The Wind-Up Bird and Tuesday's Women

T.V. People - 1990


Airplane - or how to talk to himself as he reads a poem. (also published in the New Yorker magazine)
The Folklore of Our Times - <History before Highly Developed Capitalism> 
Creta Kano
TV People

Spider Monkey at Night - 1995 (Part One)


Pencil Sharpner - or, the Serendipity of Noboru Watanabe, Part I
Julio Iglesias
Time Machine - or, the Serendipity of Noboru Watanabe, Part II
Donuts, again
Noriko Takayama-san and my Sexual Desire, 
Attack by Oldman Mushikubo, 


Spider Monkey at Night - 1995 (Part Two)


Advertisement for Jazz Cafe in Kokubunji a long time ago
The World Where Horses Sell Tickets
Bangkok Surprise
The India Salesman
Bier, Proverbs
A Radish Grater 
Message Phone
Spider-monkey at Night
Milk, Good News, High Efficient Stilts
Zoo, Back of Ceiling
Mosho Mosho
A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
Nicole, the Liar
Deep Red Mustard
About night whisle, or about Effect of Tale


Lexington Ghosts - 1996


Lexington Ghosts
The Ice Man (also pub in the New Yorker magazine)
Tony Tanitaki (also pub in the New Yorker magazine)
The Seventh Man
Blind Willow
Sleeping Girl (also pub in Harpers Magazine)
The Green Monster (in "The Elephant Vanishes)
The Silence (in "The Elephant Vanishes)


After the Quake (or All God's Children Can Dance) - 2000

A UFO lands at Kushiro (a translation by Jay Rubin pub in the NYTimes(also pub in 03/19/01 New Yorker)
Landscape with Flatiron (also pub in Ploughshares (Fall 2002 issue)
All God's Children Can Dance (also pub in Harper's Magazine October 2001 issue)
Super-Flog saves Tokyo (also pub by GQ June 2002 issue)
Honey Pie (also pub in the New Yorker magazine 08/20/01 issue)






hear the wild sing
pinball 73
a wild sheep chase
norwegian wood
hard boilded wonderland and the end of the world
dance dance dance
a wind up bird chronicle
south of the border west of the sun
sputnik sweetheart
kafka on the shore
after dark

short stories