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Haruki Murakami opens up about translating America's literary giants and his three favourite writers - Dostoevsky, Fitzgerald and Chandler and his new 'biggest ever' novel- a series of interviews from the Mainich Daily News part one / part two / part three / part four / part five

Haruki Murakami: Japan's 21st-century cultural ambassador - New interview by Roland Kelts from The Daily Yomiuri

What Haruki Murakami talks about - New interview published in the San Fransico Chronicle by Heidi Benson (26th October 2008)

Storyteller Murakami plumbs depths of the soul - New Murakami interview from The Japan Times by Tetsuro Koyama

Written from the soul - Haruki Murakami's novels speak a global language in uncertain times by Tetsuro Koyama, South China Post - Apr 20, 2008 (Free Registration Required)

Fantastic interview from the the January 2007 issue of GQ Korea, thanks to The Self Divider

Excellent Interview from ABC News (Australia) from April 2007

'When I Run I Am in a Peaceful Place'- SPIEGEL INTERVIEW WITH HARUKI MURAKAMI by Maik Grossekathöfer

Nomadic spirit - Interview & Text: Roland Kelts

Introduction to a interview with Murakami from The Georgia Review

Murakami: extraordinary, ordinary from the Prague Post (2006) - Inverview by Nick Jones

A Rebel in Japan Eyes Status in America By NORIMITSU ONISHI from the New York Times

Pop Master - Time Magazine interview by VELISARIOS KATTOULAS

Dark master of a dream world interview from The Age (Melbourne) Feb 2005

New York Times - In conversation with Jonathan Lethem at The New School in New York , November 3, 2000

UK Daily Telegraph, 15th August 2003 interview to coinside with the publication of Kafka on the Shore (2005)

Marathon man, Interview/Article by Richard Williams, Saturday May 17, 2003, The Guardian

UK Financial Times Interview, February 2003 (You might need to register to view this!)

The Guardian Interview, May 26th 2001

An Interview with Haruki Murakami from Bookbrowes via Random House

Translating Murakami - The author doesn’t want to be a celebrity, but that may not be up to him by Liz Goodwin - The Harvard Crimson

A Dialogue Between Jay McInerney and Haruki Murakami The New York Times Book Review, September 27, 1992

Dancing as Fast as He Can by Sarah Wright Boston Magazine, January 1994

PW Interviews: Haruki Murakami by Elizabeth Devereaux Publisher's Weekly, September 21, 1991

Tokyo Prose by Jean-Christophe Castelli Harper's Bazaar, March 1993

Japan, darkly by Steve Braunias - New Zealand Listener, 29th May 2004

Salon Magazine Interview, December 16th 1997

Writer on the borderline - By ROLAND KELTS - Special to The Japan Times

ASIAWEEK - Murakami Mutsuko and Murakami Haruki talked about how Underground came about and what his research into the Aum Shinrikyo killings taught him about Japanese society

A Conversation between Haruki Murakami and Mizumaru Ansei

It Don't Mean a Thing, If It Ain't Got that Swing: An Interview with Haruki Murakami (Centre for Book Culture)

Translating Murakami: an e-mail roundtable with Philip Gabriel, Jay Rubin, and Gary Fisketjon -- essential reading


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