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1Q84 (単行本)


First published in Japan by Shinchosha (2010)

The first two volumes translated by Jay Rubin and the third by Philip Gabriel

UK edition published 2011 by Harvill Secker (in two volumes):
Hardcover: 624 pages (Books 1&2)
ISBN-10: 1846554071

Hardcover: 368 pages (Book 3)
ISBN-10: 1846554055

US edition published 2011 by Knopf (in one volume) :
Hardcover: 944 pages
ISBN-10: 0307593312

In a sense, I'm the one who ruined me: I did it myself

“1Q84” -- the letter Q and the number 9 have the same pronunciation in Japanese -- is Murakami’s first novel in more than four years. It opens with a woman named Aomame, which means “blue bean,” listening to Czech composer Leos Janacek’s “Sinfonietta” in a Toyota Crown Royal Saloon cab. The chapters alternate between Aomame and a male character named Tengo.

1Q84 is described as a "complex and surreal narrative" which "shifts back and forth between tales of two characters, a man and a woman, who are searching for each other." The themes consist of murder, history, cult religion, violence, family ties and love.


The year is 1984. Aomame is riding in a taxi on the expressway, in a hurry to carry out an assignment. Her work is not the kind that can be discussed in public. When they get tied up in traffic, the taxi driver suggests a bizarre 'proposal' to her. Having no other choice she agrees, but as a result of her actions she starts to feel as though she is gradually becoming detached from the real world. She has been on a top secret mission, and her next job leads her to encounter the superhuman founder of a religious cult. Meanwhile, Tengo is leading a nondescript life but wishes to become a writer. He inadvertently becomes involved in a strange disturbance that develops over a literary prize.

A seventeen-year-old girl possessed of a mysterious beauty has just entered her first work of fiction to this competition but can't really be called a writer. Her story seems to be based on her own experiences, but it deviates greatly from what is expected of fiction and moves people in mysterious ways. Is her story really true? While Aomame and Tengo impact on each other in various ways, at times by accident and at times intentionally, they come closer and closer to meeting. Eventually the two of them notice that they are indispensable to each other. Is it possible for them to ever meet in the real world?

HM - 1q84 - Binding cover for 1Q84 underneath vellum jacket HM - 1Q84 - Composite of vellum jacket over binding cover on finished book HM - 1Q84 - Outer vellum jacket for 1Q84

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