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Naxos have started to publish audio versions of some of Murakami's best novels and short story collections.

They also have an excellent Murakami Podcast: High Quality (MP3, 9.1 MB) / Low Quality (MP3, 4.5 MB) available
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after dark audio cd

Audio CD*
Language:* English

Random House Audio
ISBN-10:* 0739343068
Running Time: 5 Hrs. 45 Min

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Read by Janet Song


bwsw audio cd



8 CDs
Retail price: £29.99
10 digit ISBN: 962-634-414-8

Approximate running time: 12 hours

audio sample

Read by Rupert Degas

A Wild Sheep Chase is one of Murakami’s most fantastical novels. An advertising executive, infatuated with a girl who possesses the most perfect ears (an erotic charge for him) uses a picture of a sheep with a star on its back. This catapults him into a weird adventure to find the mythical sheep up in the wilds of Hokkaido, Japan’s northern island. There are strange encounters, a hotel with an extra disappearing floor, and other oddities. A Wild Sheep Chase is an early Murakami work, but its remarkable and individual voice makes it one of the most thrilling of his books.



8 CDs
Retail price: £31.99
ISBN 9626344067

Approximate running time: 13 hours

audio sample

Read by Teresa Gallagher, John Chancer, Walter Lewis and others

A collection of off-the-wall short stories by Japan’s leading contemporary novelist. An elephant vanishes; hunger drives a couple to rob McDonalds; an insomniac wife wakes in a different world.

A review from The UK's Guardian


11 CDs
Retail price: £38.50
ISBN 9626343931

Approximate running time: 15 hours

audio sample

Read by John Chancer

Like Proust’s ‘petite madeleine’ Toru Watanabe’s memories of his student years, the girls, the tensions and the aspirations are jerked back into life by hearing the Beatles song Norwegian Wood in an MOR version in an airplane. His first love, Naoko and a strange girl, Midori, intertwine in his life.

Haruki Murakami is Japan’s leading contemporary novelist, a household figure in his own country and a cult figure in the Western world. Norwegian Wood has sold millions of copies in Japan and the rest of the world. This is the first of a series of Murakami novels Naxos AudioBooks will be recording over the next two years.

The UK's Observer Newspaper has published a review of this audio book



15 CDs
ISBN: 9-62634-305-9
Retail price: £49.00
Catalogue no: NAX40512

Approximate running time: 19 hours

audio sample

Read by Sean Barrett and Oliver Le Sueur

Kafka on the Shore is the latest novel by Japan’s leading literary novelist, who developed a world-wide cult reputation with Norwegian Wood. In Kafka on the Shore, Murakami continues with his remarkable combination of profound insight into humankind with a totally credible touch of the fantastical – a unique tour de force.

The teenager Kafka Tamura goes on the run and holes up in a strange library in a small country town. Concurrently, Nakata, a finder of lost cats, goes on a puzzling odyssey across Japan. Only gradually do we find how these stories interweave.



30 CDs
Retail price: £90.00
10 digit ISBN: 962-634-418-0
Approximate running time: 27 hours

audio sample

Read by Rupert Degas

Toru Okada is going through a difficult time. He is without a job, his cat has disappeared and his wife is behaving strangely. Into this unbalanced world come a variety of curious characters, a young girl sunbathing in a nearby garden, sisters who are very peculiar indeed, an old war veteran with a violent, disturbing story. Okada retreats to a deep well in a nearby house. And the story unfolds.


4 CDs •

Running Time: c.5 hours •

ISBN: 978-962-634-432-3 • Catalogue no: NA443212 •

RRP: £16.99

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Read by Rupert Degas, Teresa Gallagher, and Adam Sims

After the Quake - In 1995, the Japanese city of Kobe suffered a massive earthquake. Nearly 6,000 people died. after the quake was the imaginative response from Japan’s leading novelist, Haruki Murakami: six stories, each dealing not directly with the catastrophe but the wider seismic effect it had on the emotional lives of people many miles away.

It became a catalyst for individuals to reassess their lives with unexpected consequences for themselves and their families and friends around them. after the quake is Murakami’s most popular short story collection.


Dance Dance Dance

Audio CD: 11 pages
Publisher: Naxos AudioBooks; Unabridged edition (Nov 2007)
Language English
ISBN-10: 9626344350


Way out East - the Guardian review by Rachel Redford







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